Æfrelewk was never supposed to be in Persistance. They were confined to a pocket dimension nestled deep in a desert, and then to a little jar when they were able to exit their rift.

Æfrelewk has no family or friends, though once had plenty of company. Then they were sent away, sadly -- something about having too much control over people and how they look and function, they were told. Then they were forcefully sent on a nice little trip to an entirely different world just to the previous bunch of idiots could get them out of their hair!

That didn't matter. When they were sent elsewhere and confined to a pocket dimenion, they used a rift that allowed them to reach out and drag in some people and things that got close, spinning them into shapes and forms that looked much more preferrable. They were able to do that for a little while until they found a way to get out of the rift and walk about the planet on legs, and then promptly got shoved into a jar by an incredibly rude witch.

Æfrelewk has a bright yellow body in the shape of a plesiosaur that's also slightly larger than one. Their neck is far longer like a serpent's and covered in dark clouds which give way to their head. Said head has thin, cyan lines running from the bottom of their eyes -- bulls-eye patterns that alternate in yellow and cyan -- and down their cheeks. They end at the mouth, which stretches wide and hosts an aray of cyan needles for teeth. A yellow, curved horn floats above and disjoinded from their head, just like all of their curved triangular flippers and two similar-looking dorsal fins. Finally, their tail abstracts off and waves from yellow at its base all the way to deep, dark purple at the tip, fading through the colors of twilight from base to tip. Occasionally they have long arms lined with thin cyan rings and a pair of cyan-clawed hands.

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