Decordis was a scientist that worked under Hatusne Mikaiju, and the guilt of what she did while working for that queen still lingers. She spent a lot of time trying to hide from Hatusne's watch in the Internet alongside one of the projects she stole, and managed to gather a few people who also were able to not be fans of the queen. When they found an exit from the Internet and Hatusne's reach, they all took it with varying levels of hesitancy.

Whether or not something aligns with her personal code of morals is more important to Decordis than whether or not it's a legal thing to do.

She now enjoys the company of a nice and equally nerdy man -- Nova -- and their adopted son, Oliver. Thanks to both of them, she's realized the beauties and complexitites of the Natural World besides, "Well it sure is better than a dictatorship." Although for a while, she did have to hide the fact that she wasn't human from Nova.

While now she currently looks like a human and has no influence from Hatnusne in her code whatsoever thanks to Lulu, her appearance before that was both cooler and easier to draw, yet also harder to describe. The important things to know are: her head and neck looked like a cursor ; her arms were wires and her hands were plugs that would allow her to do her work.

Though honestly, it's for the best that she no longer looks the way she did, for her own sake. She wasn't content with herself and how she was straight-up designed to aid in forcing others into shapes and personalities (or lackthereof) they very likely did not consent to be in. It disgusted her, so a new body that she was okay with and had a say in was really freeing for her.

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