Drake Nightingale

Drake is a very small and very caring Shapeshifter.

They were promptly adopted with their twin by Mariposa and Luka Nightingale, and had quickly taken to spend time with them and their two daughters. He also grew fond of Kage and then Aurora, when they were born, and kept a lookout for their safety.

Drake looks very much like a walking stuffed animal. His "oversized hoodie" is baby-blue felt with some fuzz on it, and has a few repair stitches courtesy of Shannon. Their hood has two big old rabbit ears on top; one of them had been repaired with red felt. His "sleeves" are also different from one another. One ends in a soft paw while the other has long, dark blue claws coming out of the opening. Their face is hidden within the hoodie with a red scarf covering were a mouth would anatomically be, so all that shows through the pitch is many curious, wide eyes that occasionally shift in place and number. His legs are void-black.

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