Shrimply put, Ardent is mostly a funky background guy. He takes various jobs to look for satisfaction and variation in life, as well as increase his paycheck. Raises are nice as well, but he finds some promotions to be daunting. It can just be too much commitment or pressure to perform in a job that he'd rather not get too deep in. He's got a life to try and live and his pet shrimps to dote over!

Ardent has a good relationship with his parents, although his apartment is very far from their home. He makes sure to call them about every other day to tell them what goes on and hear about their projects together. Said parents are a very loving Crow and Lizard.

He once fell in love with a tall Vampire, but... that guy turned out to be screwed up and almost removed all of his blood like he was a capri-sun, so needless to say Earnest is hesitant to enter the relationship scene again.

He usually wears a sweater-vest with a short-sleeved suit underneath and bow-tie, plus tidy slacks and shoes. He'd like to wear long-sleeved clothes, but sadly the feeling of the feathers on his arms against the fabric -- and how his arms feel without any feathers -- prevents that from happening with any enjoyment. Earnest has a mix of white scales and black feathers, both of which he tries to take good care of.

Star Prizes (a) Normal