Hunter Hydrogendioxide

Hunter is a Water Elemental that has protected Subcon Desert for centuries and centuries. During those centuries, he has clawed and killed mercilessly to keep his ruined kingdom and subjects from getting hurt any worse.

He's toned that down, ever since some people wormed their way into his heart.

He works as a detective under a separate identity to satiate his need for souls.

After much persistence, Eclipse got herself adopted through the power of avoiding his warnings and continuing to come back, writing him letters, and eventually opening up about her own issues until he just.. couldn't snap at her to go away anymore. He gradually went from purposefully missing to reading her letters and writing back, and then to silently trying to comfort her on her birthday.

When Eclipse brought a human boy home and asked if he could stay, Hunter admitted that he could for a short while and swore that he wouldn't adopt the kid. He provided the kid -- Mycel, he told him -- with clothes to wear that weren't dated, food, a soft bed of his own, talks about self-esteem and standing his ground... and fuck he's got two kids now.


When he first knew of Odalia's name, it was because of a letter asking him to get rid of (Spoiler alert: that means "kill", and the entire time I thought he was just trying to turn me in! The audacity of this guy!) her. The reasoning was that the Werewolf had been stealing repetitively and often -- especially food -- for years, was scary and definitely dangerous, and was unable to be caught by anyone at all. What ensued from Hunter taking up the case was fruitless chases, restless nights of trying to pin down her habits and next location with notes and newspaper clippings, and banging his head on his desk repeatedly while surrounded by stacks of said useless notes and clippings after yet another night of being outwitted by One Stupid Werewolf (That got out every single one of your traps and played you like a fiddle every other night, but sure, I'm 'stupid').

On top of leaving him on his very last nerve, she's been flirting with him and asking him completely unnecessary questions, or simply trying to have a conversation. She's thrown him off so badly that he's missed his shots on multiple accounts from her words alone, and pause for moment enough for her to escape and turn right back around to say how she can't wait to see his handsome face again next time. She's even started calling him "Big Guy!" And he hates how she says it too (Then why were you blushing, hm, Big Guy?)!

Luckily for him, after months, he finally managed to find out where she lives to end this for good. Unluckily, it just had to be a cave. She didn't even have a house! What the fuck! No shit she's stealing stuff to survive!

He left before Odalia got back.

When he came back, it was mid-day and he had a full grocery bag in his arms. She was asleep. He didn't look as he set it down and left. This was perfectly necessary.

More days like this passed by.

One day, he got caught, or maybe "spotted" is the better word. Odalia faked being asleep to see who was leaving groceries for her, and he didn't notice until he heard, "Big Guy...?" They spent a little bit of time talking until he said he needed to go, and that he'd be back at the same time.

Hunter's visits gave Odalia reason to wake up in the morning instead of sleeping through the day until she can live as a werewolf in the night, and during those visits they continued to talk more casually.

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