A kind-hearted being from the void. She can be highly corrosive to the matter around her, so she makes sure to be gentle with all these little beings that call Sathea home. Obby once wanted to return to nothingness, since she was led to believe that all there was to existing there was work and so much movement and energy that she felt full all of time, but thanks to Lucy she's realized that the world has softer things to offer. Encouraging Oblivion to destroy the foundation run by the person responsible for such an unforgiving workload and lack of accomodations also helped a little.

Obby has adopted Lucy, Benny, and Dovali despite being far more new to existing in Sathea than they are.

Obby's decided to become friends with a dragon that calls themself Sephnit.

Obby is a pitch black mass of shiny, undefined substance. She has various fish-like structures, such as a sturdy finned tail, a dorsal fin running down her back, and a small lure on her head similar to an anglerfish. She also has plump frills on the side of her face, three on each side. The webbing of her fins, lure, and many, many eyes are stark white. Speaking of, said eyes dot her face and bridge of her broad snout. They look similar to little stars and shift in place and number.

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