Finally, after centuries of waiting in the background, she's got her spot of right-hand-man. And to a god, to boot! She'll happily make sure things go smoothly for her friend and boss, even if it takes some force. Actually, her willingness to resort to violence is a little unsettling for him...

Sparks was first created by Uriel as one of his many tools of destruction, and was cast aside with the others whenever they weren't needed at at the time. She harbored resentment for one stupid little cat thing as she observed them getting love and attention from Uriel, commonly right by his side for pets, company, or conversation.

Once Uriel was subdued for a while, Sparks and the other Fire Elementals Uriel created were found by an odd, proper gargoyle called Taruck. He helped them all adjust to no longer being treated as tools and loved them all like they were his children

Sparks left, still considering Taruck and her siblings to be family, and ran into the new god of fire: Luci. From there she quickly befriended him and offered to help him with the job he's been thrown into of keeping track of souls and makes sure that his workers do their job, or else.

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