Iron City


It's oppressive! It's metal! The civilians there are kept in a perpetual state of working and lack of worker's rights!

Humans are defitely more "free" to live their lives in the Iron City than Monsters. Shades, especially, are kept in an out-of-the-way part of the city to do as much work for the least amount of pay as possible. It's better than their previous living situation was, anyways.

The Iron City is dictated by the aptly-named Ironas, a man who is entirely made of metail and commands everything, including the Fairy he raised, in an iron fist. There's a lot of metal here.

Ironas Dethroned Iteration:

Thanks to Ironas' forceful removal from power by the incredibly noble Archetypes, a much better ruler has stepped into power.

She -- Juniper -- has a lot more care for the Iron City's people. Mostly everyone's getting used to the more organic and caring leader, with the exceptions being some who aren't comfortable with a Shade being in power and others still pledging alligance to Ironas and wanting to find out what happened to him...