Attack of the Killer Queen (Deltarune)

I've grown a kingdom big and strong, I've given you potassium, I've even given you a well-furnished jail cell, I've sent you down that tunnel of acid and love with your boyfriend,

And yet you still defy me?

And through my blood and sweat and tears -- although they're from those in my way -- all of you stay so hardly swayed so stuck in your ways that,

"I'm tHe ONe... yOu sHOulD bE FigHtING," when you're only hurting yourselves more than you're hurting me!

All I know, is that the Lightners need, savior from the very lives they lead, and who is better to lead than yours truly the queen and her promise of Endless Dreams.

As the sun shall set forever, fun and darkness will fall upon all,

So say, "All Hail," to the Killer Queen, and, "Hello," to your Ruler Supreme.

For so long the whole world's foregone: boredom, apathy, the list goes on!

So say, "All Hail," to your Killer Queen, and let me whisk your woes all away.

My Trucie, my Bestie, my Lackey, my Knight -- oh Kris don't you see my arguement?

Although you lack eyes or opinion or thought, oh please pretty please repent.

And Susie, oh Susie, I know what you love! I have her locked up, we both you this.

If you have some brains and you truce with me too and perhaps I'll SPARE your Miss Christmas.

Clearly I am in the right here, can't you tell that there's nothing to fear?

Halt and listen to your Killer Queen, for you won't ever stop her, and in other words you won't stop me!

And if you're not swayed yet then looks like it's the end of the line,

And the end of your lives too.