Undead Info:

General info about Undead

The Undead are the dead that, for some reason or another, have been brought back -- simple as that. This has historically been done by the work of necromancers, but now the wonders of science have also proven capable of performing such a feat. Undead people are commonly able to live and perform tasks just like they had before death; the only difference is their physical appearance and how their reanimated body functions.

It is recommended that Undead people use their time wisely and hide any proof of their reanimation. All Reapers are obligated by job to return the Undead to being fully-dead and eliminating necromancers, though one Reaper has allowed exceptions in the past. Said Reaper has also occasionally aided in bringing back loved ones on request for a set amount of time ranging from months to decades.

Types of Undead