Abel Morningstar

Abel is a mischievous and clever being that is the current reincarnation in a long line of lives that feed off of the dreams, ideas, and creativity of any creature able to possess those things. They communicate through sign-language, commonly making comments and joking around as they please.

Abel was adopted by Uriel very soon after their reincarnation and grew up under his loving care. The older and more aware of the world and his lethal impact on it they became, the more uncomfortable they felt about staying with him, and became mistrustful.

One day they ran without a trace.

At first Uriel had thought they were playing hide and seek. He searched through the castle, calling their name, eventually saying that this game was no longer fun after hours had passed.

Days went by. They started to miss Dad. He hoped they were only out hunting for dreams or having an adventure like they sometimes do. They tended to check back in when they did that.

Months went by. They weren't sure how they felt about that. With sorrow and then rage, he declared that they had run away. Yet another person has left him.

Only after years passed did Abel return. During that time Uriel had changed. They were welcomed back fondly and have reclaimed the castle as their home and Uriel, Nyke, and now Dea as their family. They cried the first night.

During their travels avoiding Uriel, Abel had been adopted by the child of a desert-faring community, befriended(?) a palatably chaotic fish, and got roped into some dragon's tinfoil hat-worthy belief about the world which they still don't entirely agree with.

Abel is a currently fox-like creature that stands at about two and a half feet. The distinctly unfox-like features they sport are two extra tails, rabbit-like ears, a mane, two arms, and a singular, large eye set in the center of their face. Its pupil is a blue, polygonal heart. As for coloration, their arms, legs, neck, and the bases of their tails are black, with fades into grey nearing the center of their body. Their hands in particular are stark black and clawed. Their face is red on the left and blue on the right, while for the ends of their extra tails it's the reverse.

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