Death Morningstar

Sathea's aptly named Reaper. Since the year of her creation, she's wielded a branch from one of Sathea's first trees like a staff.

Dea has no relatives, but has found family in Uriel, his adopted and biological daughters, Nyke and Lulu, respectively, and their cat(?), Abel. She loves all of them very much, occasionally bringing home gifts for them and always enjoying talking or doing activites together. Uriel used have bouts of rage and confusion when he was still afflicted by his curse, and she doesn't mind helping him get re-oriented and calmed down from them. Now she's decided to aid him in getting more power and help him lay waste to various places she's decided need a fresh new start.

When fighting, Dea enjoys making lots of comments and small-talk. The jabs, slices, and attacks of her opponents are sidestepped or blocked, and eventally are traded by a strike to disarm or otherwise hinder. She's playful about it: flipping about her staff, getting her opponent caught for a moment before letting go and seeing if they resume, using the environment to trip them up into looking like a fool -- tricks along those lines. She's rarely ever silent.

It's not good when Death is silent.


Anyways here's Death failing to kill a rat

When doing her work, Dea wears an entirely black military uniform with a ruff of long, dark purple feathers sprouting from the back of the uniform's collar. Regardless of whether or not she's working, she wears a white mask similar to a plague doctor's with bright purple floral accents. Her hair -- thin feathery stands that go down to below her shoulders -- is green near her head, and then fades into purple.

Her blood has been known to have major restorative properties, and provokes life on whatever it touches. It's a swirly mix of light purple and white.

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