*Inspired by Bill Cipher

A messed up little menace to society. Fidi has the creativity and animation of a child and lacks just as much impulse control and consideration one would lack, too. She considers life a game, the world her sandbox, and all the people walking about to be the best toys around. They never end in supply! Fidi loves guiding and misguiding mortals asking for help however she sees fit, and how helpful she is depends nearly entirely on her mood and level of entertainment with the request or individual. She has occasionally strung together thought out long-term plans for her own self gain or someone's demise/otherwise painful fate.

Fidi is the daughter of the Sun and Moon goddesses and younger sister of Seraphina.

She has many people that worship and fear her for varying reasons, but she's made a notably real(?) friend in Abel

She is shaped like a two-dimensional fish with horizontal alternating blue and yellow stripes. She has a singular yellow eye with a blue pupil and a pair of black stick-legs.

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