Lucinda Morningstar

Lucinda Morningstar is the founder and head of Morningstar Industries.

For a long while in her life, her body gradually got more and more paralyzed, so she tried to combat it through replacing the paralyzed parts with mechanical ones. She only stopped when her blood briefly became toxic from a new implant. Her condition is in the past tense because the Shades of a city that had long been under oppression realized that she was dealing with a serious issue -- they gave their new head of technology for the city their own blood, known for having intense regenerative properties.

Lucinda recently found that that she has biological family, and is now family again with Uriel after attending a gathering of Vampires for information and discovering that he's not that bad. Naturally, that means that Dea swiftly considered her to be a daughter as well, and their adopted daughter -- Nyke -- is glad to have a sister who's as into science and tech as her. They certainly enjoy her just for who she is, as opposed to how she can be useful.

Lucinda is good friends with Luka and Beda, and is dating Morgan.

Lucinda is a Vampire who enjoys wearing all kinds of pink and heart-shaped shades no matter the occasion. She tends to have to wear professional attire, considering her position. Her hair only goes down to about above her shoulders, just how she prefers it, and is various shades of white, pink, and purple.

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