Mariposa Nightingale

Mariposa is a very kind and patient individual, with lots of hope and optimism. She's always loved nature, animals, kids.. which for a long time was unfortunate because she grew up in an industrialist city dominated by iron. Regardless, she's held onto all of those qualities and her identity despite them having been suppressed and discouraged, and was able to flourish after retreating into a beautiful old forest. It proved to be far better than the Iron City, and this new boss turned out to be better than her old one. As she did tasks, the forest's Fairies couldn't help but marvel at her. Both her and the forest's boss -- Luka -- began to lower their guards around eachother and give openness a try for the first time in a long, long while.

Mariposa is married to Luka, and with him takes care of six kids: Four adopted (Hattie, Bow, Drake, and Shannon) and two biological (Aurora and Kage). The Nightingales also have two pets, being a wolf (Annihilan), and a flora (Buttercup). Technically they have a worm hydra. She loves all of them a lot, and -- this is a simplified statement -- Luka in particular showed her that it's alright to be soft.

Juniper has been a mother figure of sorts to Mariposa for a very long time. Although she wasn't able to outright save Mari from her situation growing up, she has helped Mari be able to be herself on many occasions and means well. As for the cause of Mari's situation, he is no longer considered to be any parental figure.

Mariposa is something of a social butterfly. Although her stature is intimidating to many, once that's gotten past she's very welcoming as long as you're not an ass. Her main group of friends consists of Grooves, Scott, Laurel, Max, and Odalia.

Mariposa is incredibly stong and tall -- in fact, she stands at around 9 feet tall. This already sets her apart from other Fairies, considering it's rare for them to be bigger than a hand, but another thing that makes her recognizable is her wings. In her current iteration, they're see-through and tattered. The sub-species of Fairies with those kinds of wings have died out, leaving her to be the last of her kind. She also has dark brown skin and white hair that hides her orange eyes, with lots of scarring from her situation in the Iron City. She's insecure about it.

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