Uriel's past and future is riddled with switches between ruthless murderer, loving father and/or husband, and tragic meow-meow. Sometimes he's two or all of them at once!

He tends to be cursed, with the most recent former one having transformed him into a giant, flaming bat that looked much like a Fire Elemental. Blindness ensued.

Uriel always has a taste for souls, no matter the iteration. In these current iterations, he's also a vampire with a taste for blood.

His family is now his adopted daughter, Nyke, Death herself, and a little cat(?) he named "Abel*". Recently, he found that his biological daughter is alive, and managed to become her dad again.

*Abel tends to run away whenever he re-realizes his plans of obtaining power through violent means.

Ooga booga giant scary beanpole man. Uriel's hair is white and he's deathly pale, while his arms fade into stark black and end in clawed hands. He frequently wears the usual red and black in formal, villainous styles, as well as a special cape. The lining on the inside is red with faint patterns of thorned vines, while the outside is black. Its top edges are clasped together with a gold pin that bears the symbol of a rose.

Hell's Comin' with Me